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This Favored Land errata (by Allan Goodall)

We found an issue on page 117 of This Favored Land. That page has a November 12, 1859 entry from William MacKay's journal describing weird events in Tuscahoma, Mississippi. Unfortunately, that journal entry covers up several important real life timeline events from the fall and winter of 1860.

Here are the missing timeline events (special thanks to Jason Gallagher for finding it):

June 28, 1860
Southern Democrats hold their own convention in Richmond, Virginia and choose current Vice President John Cabell Breckinridge as their presidential nominee.

November 6, 1860
After a contentious election campaign, Abraham Lincoln is elected President of the United States. Lincoln was not on the ballot in most Southern states, but he captures 60% of the Northern vote. Southern politicians condemn Lincoln as an abolitionist, and speak openly of secession.

December 20, 1860
Delegates to a convention in South Carolina vote unanimously for secession from the Union.

December 24, 1860
The South Carolina ordinance of secession is issued, creating the Republic of South Carolina. The specific reason for leaving the Union is listed as the failure of some states to enforce the Fugitive Slaves Act. The Declaration is not in favor of states rights and opposes the rights of states to pass laws making slavery illegal.

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